I moved to NC, after growing up in Indiana. I moved here for the beauty of the state, the mountains and the beach, that many people from NC take for granted since they have never lived without it. But these things were hard to even dream of when living among the cornfields of Indiana. I moved here to go to nursing school but after a year of nursing school I realized that I didn’t have the passion for nursing and that wasn’t what was going to make me happy in life. I did some soul searching about what I was passionate about, and since I’ve always loved cooking I decided to try culinary arts as a major. That’s when I realized this was my passion!! Even when I was in high-school, whenever I wanted to give someone a gift, I would always cook (or bake) something, instead of going out and buying them something. I just felt that home-made food was more personal because I would always make the food-gift something that I knew the person was crazy about – and it was also easier on my meager income, too! And a home-made food-gift always brought a smile – and a hug - and that said it all! So, I ended up changing my major to Culinary Arts. While pursuing my degree, I worked in a variety of restaurants and worked with some very talented and awesome Chefs. I learned more about gourmet foods and presentation, and managing multiple menus at once. After more experience and more advanced training, I decided to open Just in Thyme Personal Chef Services L.L.C.. Through Just in Thyme I am able to use my skills and passion by providing wholesome, fresh meals for my clients. Meals that can go from the refrigerator to the table in just a matter of a few minutes. These are not fattening, overly rich meals. My Goal is to create delicious, nutritious food that my clients can and want to enjoy everyday….even the kids!

I am licensed, insured, a certified ServSafe food Handler, and a member of the United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA).

I have experience in preparing meals for clients that have Celiac Disease, Strict Allergies including Nut, Legume & Seafood, Diabetes, Cancer & also Weight Loss. As well I can prepare meals that are ingredient-, calorie-, medically- restricted, or diet specified! I have experience in many cuisines including: Italian, French, Indian, Spanish, Middle-Eastern, American regional, Thai, Cajun and Asian.

I have always enjoyed being active and playing sports so being able to work with some of the top athletes in the Carolinas including professionals with the NBA, NFL & NASCAR has been my privilege providing them with nutritional and delicious meals to help them achieve their specific goals.

I have been elected President for the Carolinas Chefs Chapter of the United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA) for NC & SC since 2009!

I look forward to meeting with you to see how we can start to make your life a little easier and relieve some stress from your daily life! Feel free to contact me at any time at 704-453-6918! Remember I am here so you can have more time to do the things you enjoy doing!



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